fredag 15 augusti 2008

Career Woman MILF Sighted!

She was just sitting there having a drink in the afternoon - a real hot MILF career woman that had left her office for the day.

"I had to impress her a bit before she would even give me the time. I pretended like I was some sissy famous artist and began commenting about some metal piece displayed right by the bench she was sitting at. I told her I made it and how I was just showing it to a friend. From there the ice was broken and she told me how shehad her own biz and how much she enjoyed having the flexibility to do whatever she wanted to do - like banging artists. I got to unload all over her massive rack! Movie Here!

Hot Mom Sighted Sitting at Mall

Here is another hot MILF mom. Doesn´t she look a lot like that MILF in Sex and the City - Miranda? Anyway, she turned out to be a great looking mother of three. It´s not like she looks like one! This is a real hot milf!!!

She looks great for having three kids. Sean was amazed that she even had kinds because of the way she can handle some man meat. She was a little bit scared of the camera and was not sure what was going on. She figured it out by the time she was on her knees... DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE MOVIE!

Another Very Hot MILF Sighted at a Lunch Place

Hey! Isn´t this mom a real hottie! True milf material, I say. She turned up at a lunch resturant, and also proved to be the hottest milf mom at the place. She had beautiful eyes and a pair of nice inviting naturals...

She was a little bit hesitant at first, but then she decided to come hang at our place. Erica had hot mommy legs in thatsmall mini skirt and a juicy big rack. Once we got her back to our place, she had a naughty look on her face andshe turned out to be even naughtier. She was quick to go down and give the hunter some awesome d**p th***t! Movie HERE!

Red headed MILF with kids in Summercamp!

This hot mom was sighted relaxing in a nearby bar, she had left her kids at summercamp and like to chat a bit and have a few beers. She was a natural redhead with a great butt and a pair of big soft naturals under her tight shirt!

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Here´s a MILF sighted in the parkinglot!

Alright, we found this qutie in the parkinglot while we were on our way to stock up some groceries. I can tell you that she is a very nice example of a hot well preserved mom in her early thirties - a real MILF!

I tell you what: she had no problems at all showing us her valuable assets - a pair of natural warm soft mommy melons... man, what a hot mom this is, check her body out in that small bikini, real hot. You should check out this steaming scene from the best site in the MILF biz!!!! Click HERE!